Here's MICHAEL: Book I

$14.95 / Perfectbound

ISBN: 9781457515439
260 pages

$5.99 / e-Book
ISBN: 978-145751-640-5

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Michael is the main character in the book. He was born and grew up west of the Missouri River where it flows southward. He is of baby boomer age. He is a fictional character, as are all characters in the book. The book is about Michael’s adventures.

This book includes adventure, mystery, intrigue, road trips, romance, friends and some family, 1950’s clothing, music, success, fun and excitement. Watch for the humor.



“The shooter is not in the house! Here seconds ago. He disappeared!”

“Michael, your white hair makes you look more distinguished and debonair, if that’s even remotely possible.”

“They’re running around the restaurant like a merry-go-round on steroids.”

“Well sir, it’s time to dress the mules.”

“The special division gave the four men working the case tracking devices to wear in the heels of their shoes.”

“Oh Michael, you always make such a big production out of everything!”


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